Product Management

Product Management

Manage your furniture with ease. Add products, upload images, and generate QR codes for faster sales with the Tanyo Salesman App. Track costs and set automatic pricing for smarter product management. Tanyo CRM saves you time and ensures accuracy.

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Add product with ease

Add Products with Ease

Quickly add new products with name, model number, detailed descriptions, dimensions, and features.

Rich Product Presentation

Rich Product Presentations

Showcase your furniture with high-quality images, giving customers a clear view of what they're buying.

Smart Costing

Smart Costing

Simplify cost calculations. Enter raw materials and quantities to derive accurate cost prices.

Automated Pricing

Automated Pricing

Set product categories with pre-defined markup rules for automatic retail and wholesale price calculations. Fixed-price products remain unaffected by material cost changes.

Accurate and Simple

Our billing software works easily with any existing infrastructure

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Better Customer Service

Digital Quotation

Increased Efficiency

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Data Security

Growing Happy Customers

Our customers are boosting their businesses with Tanyo


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"For the last 5+ years, we have been closely connected with Tanyo. From the start till now, they have provided us with the best service, experience, and assistance. We also look forward to the same support and love in the coming years."

~ Shreem Furniture and Interior

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Tanyo CRM streamlines product management by offering a central location to add, edit, and track your furniture offerings. Easily manage product details like dimensions, features, and high-quality images for a professional presentation.

Absolutely! Tanyo CRM empowers you to define raw materials and quantities for each product, automatically calculating cost prices.
Additionally, set up pre-defined markup rules for product categories, enabling automatic retail and wholesale price calculations.

(For businesses with manufacturing units) Tanyo CRM allows you to define detailed workflows for each product. Assign skilled craftsmen and supervisors to ensure quality production and efficient project management.

Tanyo CRM features a dedicated Salesman App. This app allows salespeople to quickly add products to quotes and orders by scanning a unique QR code generated for each product. This eliminates manual data entry and promotes efficiency.

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