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Implementing an CRM system can provide numerous benefits to us, such as increased efficiency, improved decision-making, enhanced visibility, streamlined operations, and better customer service.

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  • Secure authentication

  • Dashboard Overview

  • Order Details

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  • Order List Overview


Tanyo CRM webiste login interface with a text field for entering a mobile number and a button that says 'Generate OTP'. The interface has a dark background with a beige oval shape behind it.

Secure authentication

Digital tablet displaying a CRM dashboard for Tanoyo CRM with various business process metrics including inquiries, pending approvals, orders, and complaints, highlighted against a bright yellow background with promotional text.

Dashboard Overview

Tanyo CRM new orders create Screen of a digital order creation interface showing a customer profile, product catalog with a stool selected, its details including out of stock status, dimensions, price, and quantity adjustment options, with a subtotal display at the bottom right and a button to review order.

Order Details

Tanyo CRM new approved orders Screen of a digital CRM dashboard titled 'Inquiry1' displaying a table of sales inquiries with columns for Inquiry Number, Date, Customer Name, Salesman, Total Amount, and an Action button labeled 'View'. The interface includes a search area with an option to filter by Salesman. The data shown dates from 19-Dec-2023 to 01-Jan-2024 with varying total amounts. Colors used are dark blue and yellow accent for the 'View' buttons.

Order List Overview

Tanyo CRM new review order Screen of a sales inquiry interface displaying details such as inquiry ID, salesperson's name, and creation date. The interface includes customer and billing details, shipping address, and a list of ordered items with specific details like product name, dimensions, unit price, quantity, and total price. A sidebar contains navigation icons, and there is a 'Send For Approval' button at the bottom.

Review Order


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