Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Tanyo CRM fosters stronger customer connections. Track interactions, reward loyalty, and create a special experience for every client.

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Why Tanyo?

Customer Label

Organize Customers with Ease: Create Custom Labels

Group your customers for targeted marketing, priority service delivery, and special offers. Tanyo CRM lets you easily categorize your customer base with custom labels.

customer history

Understand Your Customers: Track Behavior & Preferences

Gain valuable insights with Tanyo CRM. Track purchase history, preferences, and notes to understand your customers better. Tailor your offerings and win more loyalty.

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Boost Loyalty: Personalized Engagement with Birthday & Loyalty Programs

Celebrate birthdays and reward loyalty! Tanyo CRM lets you create personalized SMS campaigns with special offers and discounts.

one customer view

One Customer View: Eliminate Data Silos, Build Loyalty

Unify customer data across devices. Tanyo CRM syncs information from all your salespeople's Android/iOS apps. Offer a seamless, personalized experience that keeps customers happy.

Accurate and Simple

Our billing software works easily with any existing infrastructure

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Better Customer Service

Digital Quotation

Increased Efficiency

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Data Security

Growing Happy Customers

Our customers are boosting their businesses with Tanyo


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"For the last 5+ years, we have been closely connected with Tanyo. From the start till now, they have provided us with the best service, experience, and assistance. We also look forward to the same support and love in the coming years."

~ Shreem Furniture and Interior

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You will find the answers to frequently asked questions of different services.

Absolutely! Tanyo CRM allows you to easily download your customer data anytime, for free. This gives you flexibility for further analysis or external use.

Yes! Tanyo CRM provides detailed customer profiles, including the number of visits they've made to your showroom. This helps you personalize their experience.

Yes, Tanyo CRM empowers you to manage your marketing campaigns effectively. You can define which customers receive promotional offers and when, ensuring targeted communication.

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