Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Never run out of stock again! Tanyo CRM manages furniture & raw materials, tracks updates automatically, and provides reorder point alerts. Gain control & optimize cash flow.

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Why Tanyo?

Unified Inventory Management

Unified Inventory Management

Maintain accurate stock levels for both finished products and raw materials in one centralized location.

Flexible Stock Tracking

Flexible Stock Tracking

Start fresh with initial stock entries and easily update counts as needed.

Mobile Inventory Management

Mobile Inventory Management

Stock managers can easily update stock via the Tanyo CRM mobile app, perfect for on-the-go inventory management.

Vendor Wise Inward Entries

Vendor-Wise Inward Entries

Record incoming stock efficiently by vendor, with the option to include multiple items in a single entry.

Accurate and Simple

Our billing software works easily with any existing infrastructure

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Better Customer Service

Digital Quotation

Increased Efficiency

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Data Security

Growing Happy Customers

Our customers are boosting their businesses with Tanyo


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"For the last 5+ years, we have been closely connected with Tanyo. From the start till now, they have provided us with the best service, experience, and assistance. We also look forward to the same support and love in the coming years."

~ Shreem Furniture and Interior

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Tanyo CRM offers a unified inventory management system. You can track stock levels for both finished products and raw materials in one central location, simplifying your inventory control. This eliminates the need for separate systems and ensures complete data visibility.

Tanyo CRM automatically deducts the required stock from your inventory when a customer quote is approved. This real-time update ensures accurate stock levels and prevents overselling.

Absolutely! Tanyo CRM provides detailed activity logs for each inventory item. These logs track all stock updates, including additions, removals, and adjustments. This comprehensive record ensures transparency and helps you identify trends or potential stock discrepancies.

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